No snow no ice my kind of winter!


Videos equal divorce

Husband bought a video for me only to sit there and tell me “go left jump why didn’t you go there? ”  seriously!!  Just let me PLAY!!!

Who’s responsible?

When pointing a finger at someone three are pointing back at us!, everyone already knows who’s responsible, so accept it and move forward instead of spinning!


Received backup camera today for the March wedding! It will be spectacular!!


We always take gravity for granted until we land!


2-22-2003 was a Saturday, I know this coz I got married! For better or worse, still time to consider lol! Since I got my first piece of junk mail saying “divorce ”  I guess bets are being made!  Lol


Fear of the unknown determines a person’s resolve! Remember, the future is the past not written yet!

Fundraisers dog park!twx$eparty_cylinder.p_guest_welcome?PC_eparty=9c8d8656447ad6f


Yellow Sky Actions is a wondrous forum for creative photography and art! Look for them on fb!


My armpits hurt, how do some make it seem so effortless. .. coz I sure can’t!