While I am new to WordPress, I am not new to the social forum.  While completing my Master’s Degree in Business Administration, I noticed the trends for marketing were changing drastically.  No more were the “flyers” on the windshield cutting it.  After the expense of printing and then distributing the flyers, all I saw were liners in the trash can.  Not a very effective way to market a new business or even an established business. 

I began to listen to friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers standing in a checkout line…..word of mouth was fantastic! Both the positives and the negatives of a subject or business were lucid. So why were so many businesses struggling.  Yes the economy is horrid, but still there had to be something more.

Then there it was!  The word of mouth just wasn’t applied appropriately!  Now here is where I come in.  I discuss availabilities and stream the word of mouth into forums which spark interest in a business!   So again I say, WELCOME!  and I ask you,  Do You Know About Social Media?  Let me help you!  DYKASocialMedia spreads the word to increase the traffic of your business.  Your Social Media is managed leaving You time to concentrate on other aspects of Your business.  So what is your business?  Oh and by the way, Do You Know About…….. ?


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