WWW.wicked.com/blainefoto/blainefoto.  Now open!!



Leg’s healed and its back into
photos! Lovin it!

Cheaper vacations

Ask abt “positioning flights ” when booking for discounts


Making sour cream banana cream cheese cake for church fundraiser! Yum yum!


Tous les matins du minds… if u do not cry at this movie u have no heart and do not understand pain from sorrow

Happy birthday!

On this day my birthday my wish is that all share in my happiness!


Knee healing well using this time to teach my sons how to cook

New shirts

Just got my shirt from hautedox.com!!  Am LOVING it!


Watching my son die faster than I did playing the game! Lol and usually he’s the one to get me through!!

Ow ow

Fractured my tibia in a fall, the worse part is not enjoying the weather!